Eyebrow Waxing - Shape - Design

Eyebrow Wax/Clean Up - $15
Touch up, no design
Eyebrow Wax/Design - $22
Includes the above wax plus designing and arching of eyebrows

Beauty Benefits of Shaping Eyebrows

Shaping/designing eyebrows is a simple thing that can bring about big changes to a person’s overall look. Short of plastic surgery, eyebrow shaping can do more to improve someone’s appearance than most other beauty treatments. Whether you are young or old, high or low maintenance, taking the time to properly shape your eyebrows is well worth the effort.

A More Youthful Look
Eyebrows that have been gently arched visually lift and open up the eye area. This allows more room for eye shadow and brings about a more youthful appearance to the face. Keep in mind that extremely arched brows can have the opposite effect and may look severe. Avoid 45 degree angles, as they can age the appearance of the face.

Balances Facial Features
Eyebrows that have been properly shaped bring balance and proportion to the whole face. Facial features can be softened or accentuated just by shaping the brows. In general, larger features look better with a slightly, fuller eyebrows, where as smaller features are balanced by thinner eyebrows.

Frames the Eyes
They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Such an important feature deserves to be framed. Shaped/designed eyebrows do just that. They frame the eyes and draw attention to them.

A More Refined Appearance
A well-groomed eyebrow can give a polished look to a person’s appearance. Women who have nicely shaped and designed eyebrows look put together, even without makeup.

Make a Statement
Eyebrows can be used to create a look or make a statement. Changing the shape or design of the eyebrows can change the impression that someone gives off. You may see her as the cute girl next door, a serious career women or a sophisticated diva just by how she shapes her eyebrows.

Major Change
Eyebrows usually grow back fairly quickly. After shaping, they will likely grow back within months, unless they have been repeatedly tweezed for years. It’s easy to try a new look by changing the shape or design of the eyebrows, and it doesn’t entail the commitment of a more drastic change of appearance such as chopping off long hair.

Do’s and Dont’s for Waxing

  • DO use a sun block after waxing if exposing skin to sun within 24 hrs to avoid hyper-pigmentation.
  • DO leave plenty of time before Special Occasions to allow for any unforeseen circumstances, breakouts, illness, etc.
  • DO make us aware if using Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Glycolic Acid, Renova, Salicylic Acid, Avage, Apricot Scrub, Neutrogena Scrub, Avita, Strivectin, Tazorac, Pro-Active, Benzoyl Peroxide, or any other topical or oral medications that may effect the outcome of a waxing treatment.
  • DO make us aware if you have had any problems with your waxing treatments in the past.
  • DON'T apply moisturizer beforehand.
  • DON'T expose newly waxed areas to the sun, hot tubs, sauna, suntan booths or extreme heat for 24 hours some skin cells have been pulled off in the process and the area is vulnerable.
  • DON'T apply deodorant to newly waxed underarms or use products containing alcohol after facial waxing.
  • DON'T use any facial scrubs or abrasives for 1 week prior to waxing.
  • DON'T wax during Accutane treatment or 6 months after.
  • DON'T wax after a Laser Resurfacing or Chemical Peel.
  • DON'T touch a newly waxed area if hands are not clean.
  • DON'T workout after waxing (unless prior positive experience).
  • DON'T use heavily perfumed or thick lotions in bikini area may cause ingrown hairs or irritate skin.